Spring 2024

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Coalesse Ensemble

  • Coalesse Ensemble

    Meet the Ingredients Fitting all the pieces together. Components, combinations and configurations to create gathering places that work.
  • Ensemble Create the New Gathering Place

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    The Coalesse Ensemble Lounge System provides the ingredients for gathering that works — creating the new oasis in the office.
  • Universal Modularity

    Seat, table and planter modules on an easy-to-scale rail system along with freestanding screens allow for flexible, fluid configurations that can grow and change over time.

New Notable Products



Currency Enhanced is a broad portfolio of laminate desking and storage solutions that work hard and look great in settings of all types – from private offices to the open plan and everywhere in between.



WorkValet is a laminate locker and storage solution for the hybrid workplace, giving people a convenient and secure place to store personal belongings as they transition through the workday.


Work Better

Research shows people need and expect a work experience that’s fundamentally better than what they left. Discover what people say they need and expect moving forward. ​

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Better is Possible™

Our partner Steelcase offers essential solutions to meet people’s needs and expectations in a new era of hybrid work.​

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