Our Team

Pomerantz upholds strong work ethics and maintains a professional and respectful work environment. Our executive team is a dynamic group who understand the significance of integrity in work and in the community and providing our customers with fresh, innovative solutions.

Garry Maddox, Chief Executive Officer
As Principal and CEO of A. Pomerantz & Co., Garry Maddox provides customers throughout the United States with a dedication to offer the highest quality products and services.

Garry is the recipient of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund’s Curt Flood Award. The award was presented by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Martin L. King, Esq. and Russell Ewert in recognition of efforts toward “A More Perfect Union: The State of Civil Rights.”

The workplace is evolving as quickly as the technology and workforce it supports. Garry and his team bring innovation to workplace environments in support of current goals and challenges such as: Green initiatives, attraction and retention of talent, supporting multiple generations in the workforce, and effective real estate utilization.

During Garry’s distinguished 14-year career in major league baseball, he won his first Gold Glove in 1975 which was his first of eight in a row when he was Centerfielder for the 1980 World Champion Phillies team. In 1986, he was honored with the Roberto Clemente Award, given annually to a player who demonstrates the values the Pittsburgh Pirates Hall-of-Famer displayed in his commitment to community and understanding the value of helping others.

Garry is committed to giving back to the community in which he lives and operates his businesses. In 2013, he founded Compete 360, a Design Thinking initiative for Philadelphia public schools. In 1997, he founded The Urban Youth Golf Program of Greater Atlantic City. The Program was a nonprofit organization which  provided after school tutoring to elementary aged at risk children while offering the challenge of learning the game of golf. Garry most recently joined the advisory board of ULI (Urban Land Institute). This effort continues to grow in importance to Garry as a mission, as well as the communities his program now serves.


Linda Rudi, Chief Operating Officer
Linda is responsible in the everyday operations of the organization and instrumental in the strategic
planning and financial control of the company.

Linda is actively involved in key client negotiations and manages the company’s manufacturer relationships. Linda has created efficiency and accuracy improvements by integrating improved technology throughout Pomerantz, restructuring the operation of the company by automating ordering, auditing, and accounting processes.
Linda’s market-segmentation and sales structure created stronger sales and higher customer satisfaction with a leaner & highly productive organization.

Shortly after joining the organization as CFO in 2001, Linda developed plans which turned the company into a nationwide supplier. The organization currently holds national account contracts with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

The current focus on sales and internal operations is rooted in efficiency, cost avoidance and overall value delivered to the customer. Pomerantz bridges the thoughts and ideas of creative concepts into innovative, relevant results.

Prior to joining Pomerantz, Linda was an auditor for Ernst & Young, LLP an international public accounting firm. While in the public arena, Linda serviced a variety of businesses ranging from high growth companies in the entrepreneurial marketplace to publicly and privately held retail, manufacturing, distribution, and service companies.

Garry and Linda oversee the organization on a daily basis. They invoke an open door policy by which any member of the Pomerantz team can discuss a new idea or approach and/or a strategy which would be advantageous to a customer.

Our executive team is active in the execution of account activity and provides oversight of daily operations. Pomerantz enforces an “open-door” policy which enables all team members at any level to quickly resolve an issue by drawing upon the expertise and knowledge of our entire organization.