Architectural Solutions

pronounced: väks
noun: vox; plural noun: voxes

                           1. vocals; voice. (especially in music journalism)

Introducing hvoxi studio @ Pomerantz

A comprehensive offering of interior architectural products.

hvoxi: (pronounced Vox or Voxee) meaning horizontal, vertical exterior interior. 

Pomerantz is giving your space a voice. The technological needs of the workplace have been evolving in dramatic proportions within the past 10 years. Spaces and buildings are often not ready.

Until now…

hvoxi studio @ Pomerantz offers all of the flexibility and adaptability your space is screaming for.

Interior Walls (Glass/Solid) Technology Integrated Walls Glass Interior/Exterior
Conference Technology Utilization Tracking Sound Masking
Under-carpet slimline power distribution Flooring (Hard/Soft) Space Consultation (Analysis, Planning)

Please Contact Eric McHose for more information on Architectural and Tech A/V: