Asset Management

Every customer is different and every customer has specific needs. When it comes to asset management, we tailor our asset management system and processes to meet the needs of the customer. The underlying mission is to understand the customer’s needs and develop the most appropriate tracking, reporting, and management process possible.

A. Pomerantz & Co. offers Asset Management services utilizing a bar-coded tracking system. We track assets and provide information including the model number, finish, condition, location, and/or customized fields requested by our client.

Our process enables reports to be viewed via a customer exclusive, secure website, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Reports can be exported in various formats including but not limited to Excel, Comma Separated Values, plain text, or Rich Text. We also offer by request, customized reporting. The reports are delivered via email, hardcopy, or posted to the customer’s exclusive, secure website. client’s assets and provide information including the model number, finish, condition, location, and/or customized fields requested by the customer.

The customer secure website can be configured to offer a photographic inventory that can also be used to place service orders for inventoried items to be moved and/or delivered. The photographic inventory displays information also found in the reports such as amount on-hand, condition, and location.

Ecommerce stock-catalogs enable customers to first utilize stored assets before purchasing new. The system is designed for an end-user to order, for instance, a Task Chair, and instead of placing an order for a new Task Chair, the system will pull from the available inventory first. This is not only a cost savings but also contributes to Green initiatives.