For the earth and for your wallet

In today’s world, sustainability is a major goal for companies.  At A. Pomerantz & Co., we pride ourselves in our vast offering of sustainable, LEED and Greenguard certified products.  We are fortunate enough to represent manufacturers who will ship their product without extra packing materials and who design their product to be easily recycled.

Lighting is a huge way to contribute to energy savings, which is good for the environment and operation costs.  There are myriad ways to light up rooms now, lightbulbs lasting twice as long and using half the energy.  We have access to several vendors that can help you find the best solution for your building – and who can bring thousands of dollars back in your pocket every year!  This is just one example of how Pomerantz can help your office become greener.

In addition to supplying LEED credits to new and existing construction, Pomerantz employs other methods of sustainability for clients.  Think about the money that can be saved by using design services to reconfigure a work space and use existing product instead of buying everything new!  Re-upholstery, reconfiguration and redesign can transform a place for a fraction of the cost.