VR's Impact:

Utilizing technology, research, and methods of engagement, Pomerantz continually invests in enhancing the customer experience.¬†When team members have a diversity of knowledge and backgrounds, team members may not be aware they are not all on the same page. Pomerantz’s immersive tools make it easier for everyone to see and experience the intended result. Our team takes our customers through a virtual tour of their own space in their floor plan.

We often present remotely through virtual tools or a meeting platform of choice. During the meetings, the customer team can mark up the design or work with the Pomerantz design to make any markups for alterations. Whether at the conceptual phase, final design phase, and after installation, these tools can assist in planning and marketing the space.

Mockup Capture

Reduce Mockup Stress

Do not pause or delay the process. We create pilots and mock-ups virtually. Virtual mock-ups save time and the need to designate physical space. We incorporate finishes and features which help narrow selection as well as options to see the space with various layouts, lower-cost alternatives, and overall design concepts.

Virtual Mockup