If you were stranded on a deserted island, and only had one piece of office furniture with you, what would you want to have and why? That’s the question we asked our Marketing team. See their answers below!

Deserted Island_Big Table 2I’d take the Campfire Big table. It’s a 96″ x 48″ table, so it’s pretty spacious and would work great as a shelter. And since it comes 42″ high, I’ll have plenty of head room. I could even  take some palm tree leaves and fashion a triangular roof for it, which would create more of a hut structure, and would protect me from the elements! For those clear nights, though, the roof would come off and I would lay on top of the table (perfect for star gazing!).  – Ashley H., Analytical Designer


deserted island_with mitra

If I could have one piece of office furniture with me on a deserted island, I would want to have Steelcase’s Mitra Sleeper. Mitra is part of Steelcase’s healthcare line and the sleeper converts from a comfy side chair to a sleeper bed. This would be the perfect item to have because it would provide a lot of comfort at night, plus allow me to sleep off of the ground, which would mean (hopefully) no sand fleas biting me, and a better nights sleep. We all know how important getting a full 8 hours is, and probably more so when you’re marooned on an island and have to build your own shelter and hunt for your own food! – Martine P., Marketing Associate

  1. The Gesture chair because my phone rules my days and text neck is not fun.


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