By: Elisa Feola,  VP of Marketing

September 13, 2022


“Just Quit” is prominently displayed on the accompanying photograph to the article Watching the Clock in the August 2022 edition of Psychology Today (listed on the website as July 2022 Secrets).

The article reveals research findings on the people most likely to leave their current job. According to the article, as it turns out, the people most likely to leave are more focused on the past, with more negative past experiences, compared to those focused on the current or future with more positive interpretations of their experiences. (article by R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D.)

Changing the negative into a positive and maintaining positivity is a means to create a healthier company. Many factors impact positive experience, including overall equity, fairness in compensation, recognition, respect, and often overlooked, a supportive environment.

Our team at Pomerantz discusses workplace decisions, investments, and outlook with companies worldwide, including fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities, architectural, engineering, design, real estate, and development firms.

“Creating a workplace people want to come to,” “making the place worthy of the commuting costs,” “Offering perks like food and games,” “The space needs to encourage collaboration and support our culture.” These are some of the trending ideas when it comes to decisions regarding the use of the tangible workplace.

The reality is these statements were being discussed long before March of 2022. What has changed post-pandemic is now companies are taking action to make a change versus merely considering the benefits of the concepts.

Today we are working with companies to determine the best fit for their company, culture, and employees. The cure for the dreaded ‘Mondays” is upon us: here are the days of working remotely and having positive, quality time with your teammates.

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