Steelcase’s Fall 2019 Products:

By: Jessica Roscoe 

Marketing Associate at A. Pomerantz & Co.

November 1, 2019


Build a think tank space to help curate the best brainstorming and creative results out of your employees.  Steelcase’s new Fall products are perfect for achieving this type of space. Please keep in mind that all of these products together form a perfect think tank space, however, these products can be selected separately to complement and enhance your current workspace, too! 


Steelcase V.I.A.- VIA stands for Vertical Intelligent Architecture and is a solid wall partition. Employees in today’s workplace are searching for spaces to efficiently collaborate and concentrate. VIA helps make both a reality. Being able to host technology and featuring true acoustical privacy are key features. The concept is rooted in flexibility meaning you can envision your space based on preferred dimensions, colors, privacy options, furniture choices, and Steelcase will bring it to life.  Work productively in isolated spaces created by VIA or work in conjunction with employees to brainstorm your company’s next big thing. VIA is perfect both scenarios and more!

Polyvision a3 Ceramic Steel Serif- This product encourages interaction to collaborate. Ceramic Steel is a highly durable product that defies scratches, stains, pollutants, and fires. It is also resistant to bacteria and graffiti. The surface is also very simple to clean.  Additionally, Ceramic Steel is a smooth glass-like material, however, it is a unique material that allows writing to be brighter, clearer and more visible than it would be on a typical glass board or whiteboard. Easy to install and is offered in a variety of colors too!

Roam Mobile Stand- The Steelcase Roam Mobile Stand and wall mounts work in conjunction to support the innovative Microsoft Surface Hub 2. Hub 2 is an all-in-one digital whiteboard platform, and collaborative computing device that brings the power of Windows 10 to teamwork. This product gives teams the freedom to work from anywhere. And Steelcase Roam helps this product function best in your workspace.

Verlay Standing Height Table- The Steelcase Verlay standing height table is available both in a square or rectangular shape. Both have the option to be paired with stools or just by itself in a room. The option for standing invites collaboration in space. The quality of this wood and the variety of choices for finishes blends nicely into any space!

West Elm Work Slope Stool- This stool is a perfect pair with the standing height table. The chair is completely customizable for both fabric and powder coat choices for the base. The stool can serve as a pop of color into your space to help define your brand. And it can also serve as a neutral piece instead. West Elm a company that also designs products for your home brings their knowledge of comfort into the workspace.

B-Free Beam-  The B-free Beam by Steelcase is available in both small and large sizes. This beam is entirely functional as it can serve as a resting place for a laptop, notebook, or a seat, or a place to lean on while working. It is available in many custom colors and fabric choices to coordinate with the other pieces inside your Think Tank Space.

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