Steelcase’s Fall 2019 Products:

By: Jessica Roscoe 

Marketing Associate at A. Pomerantz & Co.

October 16, 2019


In this week’s post, we will continue exploring Steelcase’s new Fall products. This post focuses on adjustable spaces that help maximize workspace efficiency.

The Steelcase Flex Collection is designed with your company’s ever-changing workspace in mind. It allows teams and employees to create spaces to support their work functions and then recreate and rearrange easily, as needed.  The Flex Collection is new and includes a variety of adaptable, mobile products.

Flex Acoustic Boundary- The Flex Acoustic Boundary provides an acoustical solution without having to construct permanent walls or wall panels. Functional too, as it features clips to display markerboards on. The boundary is on wheels so it is very simple to move by grabbing the handle and pushing or pulling to its new location within your space.  

acoustic boundary photo

Flex Marker Board – The Flex markerboard helps ideas easily flow. A portable product weighing less than 10 pounds it is effortless to move. The Flex Markerboard is a freestanding product that can also be wall-mounted using the wall rails. Available in a variety of fabric colors and materials to accent your space’s design.


Flex Screen- The Flex screens are available in 3 different sizes that can be connected and configured to suit your space’s privacy needs. These also double as tack boards so you can tack brainstorming notes, photos, to-do lists and everything else you may need to display! The magnetic connections allow you to re-create different privacy spaces as frequently as needed. The Flex Screen is available in many different neutral color choices and patterns.

Flex Screens

Flex Stand – The Flex Stand pairs perfectly with the Flex Markerboard and Flex Screen as it connects to both providing a place to lean or rest items on while working on the markerboard or viewing the documents tacked to the screens. Additionally, while it is a complimentary product to the markerboard it is also freestanding and can be used by itself.

Flex Stand

Groupwork Flip-Top Table- The Flip-Top table has a sleek and fresh design that grants it to blend into a variety of spaces including conference rooms, cafes, lounges, classrooms, and more! The Flip-Top feature means that it can be consolidated and slid off to the side as needed without wasting space.


New Mood Table – This coffee table comes from Bolia’s New Mood Collection inspired by 1950’s design styles.  The top surface is available in 3 different laminates and the base is available in 3 different wood finishes. It is a perfect size to sit at and work on tasks in groups of 4 or less. Additionally, if paired with the Flex Mobile Power solution highlighted in our previous blog post, employees can sit and work with their laptops at this table for as long as needed!

Quadra Chair – The Quadra chair is wooden and smooth with no visible screws it is still a solid and durable option. Ideal for meeting rooms, cafes, and educational spaces. It matches nicely with Bolia’s New Mood Table. It can also be easily stacked to take up less space if needed.

Which product were you most impressed with?

Please leave any questions in the comments! If you would like additional information on these products or any products please contact us today!  

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