By: Jessica Roscoe 

Marketing Associate at A. Pomerantz & Co.

October 02, 2019


Steelcase’s Fall 2019:

Steelcase has featured and debuted many new products this Fall 2019. Throughout the next 4 blog posts, Pomerantz will highlight several key products from this release.  This first blog will focus on products perfect for your space’s social settings.


Romeo and Juliet Bench – An inviting seat for people to relax. This garden bench additionally serves as an aesthetically pleasing piece that adds a touch of greenery to an office or industrial space. While it is currently only available in the surface materials shown they are neutral enough to compliment any space.

Hopper – Extremis does the impossible by creating a picnic table that is multi-faceted and comfortable. The Hopper is easy to get in and out of by having 4 entry/exit zones. The tabletop can also be used for a backrest while turned around. Hopper comes in a variety of styles including the Hopper Picnic Table, Hopper Table, Hopper Combo,  Hopper Bench, and Hopper shade for outdoor use. With so many choices Hopper is a perfect piece to add to your space’s social setting.

Flex Mobile Power: The Steelcase Flex Line is designed to grow and change at the rate your space requires. The Mobile Power product gives employees the flexibility to work anywhere by eliminating the need to worry where and how they will be able to charge their laptops and other electronics. It features an easy carry handle and can power 3 users simultaneously for up to 218 watt-hours.

Campfire Lounge: The Campfire Lounge System by Turnstone is highly customizable. It can be designed to have as many seats as your space needs in a variety of colors, fabrics, layouts, and sizes. Ideal for several different work environments the Campfire Lounge System can suit many purposes. It can add some style and comfort to a waiting area, increase collaboration efforts in a working area, or even invite respite in a social setting.

Lagunitas Table: The Lagunitas Table is a perfect table option for a social or work setting. The table can be installed anywhere to help increase productivity. It is available in both a work height or occasion height to complement various purposes. Additionally, the Lagunitas Table was designed based on human posture research to ensure a comfortable experience for its users. The table can also be easily paired with the Campfire Lounge System.

Which products do you think your space could benefit from?

Stay tuned for our next blog which will focus on products that help inspire collaboration and brainstorming!

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