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June 20, 2018



Does love at first sight exist? I didn’t think so, until I saw SILQ (pronounced silk). My reaction to this beautiful chair was the same as if it was a puppy. My eyes widened, sparkled, and my heart felt happy.

Why is SILQ one of my favorite chairs? Picture the TV show The Jetsons, then look at the SILQ chair below.

It has a futuristic and sleek design to it. Originally, SILQ was sketched back in 2008 by Steelcase’s Vice President of Global Design & Engineering, James Ludwig, but he shortly realized the chair was ahead of its time.

Fast forward to 2018, after having many chairs with different styles and completely different functions SILQ was ready to enter the furniture market. SILQ comes in multiple options – with or without arms, chair or stool-height, and dozens of materials to fit your design preference. You might be wondering what makes SILQ different from other chairs like Gesture, THINK, etc…? It was designed for people on the move, hopping from one meeting to another or for someone who doesn’t sit at their desk all day, therefore not needing a lot of time to make multiple adjustments to a chair. SILQ supports work in collaborative meeting spaces, conference rooms, touchdown spaces, and nomadic benching environments.

SILQ allows you to have a special experience that responds to the different movements your body makes while sitting. I have a hard time being comfortable in a chair for long periods of time and not having major back pain by the end of the day (thank you gymnastics). I was surprised when I sat down in the SILQ chair at how well it formed to the arch in my back without me having to make any adjustments. Again, the only adjustments you can make to the chair is the height. AMAZING! The SILQ chair comes in over 15 different colors and patterns, so what are you waiting for? Hop into the future with SILQ.

SILQ won three awards at NeoCon 50:
• Best of NeoCon Innovation Award in the Seating Conference & Seating Ergonomic Desk/Task category
• 2018 #MetropolisLikes Award selected by Metropolis editors
• The 5th annual Interior Design Honoring Industry People & Product (HiP) Award in the Workplace Seating: Task category.

To watch a short video on the way SILQ moves click here


“SILQ is just the beginning. It’s the start of a chapter in which we are able to achieve things we have not imagined before.” – James Ludwig.

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