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June 25, 2018



Before I worked at Pomerantz I had only been in offices that were outdated- the typical layout of cubicles everywhere and chairs/desks that didn’t support BIFMA standards. I always dreaded getting older and having to start my career in the real world solely because I never wanted to sit in a cubicle. Well, I’m so glad I graduated college at the time I did because I have yet to sit in a square box!

With that being said, let me introduce you to Steelcase’s newest product: Mackinac (pronounced MAK-uh-naw) the next coolest thing to hit the furniture industry. It’s not even available for purchase and has already won the Best of NeoCon Innovation Award in the Furniture Collections for Collaboration category. The second I saw this collection, I wanted it immediately.

Steelcase believes that employees need multiple zones like collaboration spaces, quiet corners, and private places where they can sit down and focus. If you have those options provided to you at your company that’s excellent but, are they close in proximity to you? If the answer is no, how much time are you losing transporting your work from one space to another? Are you losing your train of thought? How long does it take for you to get settled in and comfortable? Is your pace slowing down?

I’m currently in a quiet room about eight feet from my desk. Some may think, well that’s still close and to them I would say, “yes, you’re right.” But, after unplugging my three cords form my laptop and moving to the quiet room with my mouse I still had to go back to my desk to grab my water and coffee. Then I have to get acquainted with a new chair and table which can take time! Granted, having a Mackinac isn’t a solution to complete silence like a quiet room but it’s a chance to get comfortable while having a change of scenery and posture right in your workspace.

Mackinac was designed for individual work and collaboration without having to leave your workspace by creating microzones to give you a cozy, comfortable, and peaceful vibe right at your desk! I’m so glad that Mackinac can provide the comfort and residential feel that’s needed while be able to have a space for collaboration and work. I’m also a HUGE fan of the sit-stand desk. I give this collection an A++.

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