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January 3, 2019


My Three Favorite New Products That Launched In 2018

Many things happened in 2018. Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for his album, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, some people heard “yanny” while others heard “laurel”, and Steelcase launched over ten new products. Here’s my three favorite products:


1.) Amia Air vs. Amia

The original Amia Chair was the first chair I sat in when I came to Pomerantz. The chair does its job, it’s comfortable, and supportive but wasn’t visually appealing to me. When Steelcase released the pictures of the new Amia Air chair I was blown away by how different it looked, it now has more of a colorful personality than Amia. The transparent back of the chair is what caught my eye and immediately reminded me of whispering breezes that gives you a soft touch of cold air. The fabric back also comes in 19 different colors, so you have options to be creative.

2.) Brody Desk vs. Brody Lounge

I love everything about the Brody Lounge but when I write and use my mouse it’s with my right hand. When I sit in the Brody Lounge at Pomerantz I can only do it if I’m not actually working (I use it on my lunch break) because we only have two left-handed Brody Lounges. In college when I went to the library I loved sitting in a private area where what I was doing wasn’t out in the open. Usually that was at the computer desks that had panels. That’s what immediately drew me in about the Brody Desk. I’m able to not worry about if it’s a righty or lefty space and I can work without feeling like I’m out in the open.  When I’m sitting in the Brody Lounge, I feel only half closed in because I’m facing the opening, with the Brody Desk it feels more private, like I’m in my own personal cave away from distractions, because I’m facing the closing.

3.) Campfire Pouf vs. Buoy by Turnstone

The Campfire Pouf and Buoy add a hint of fun to the office environment and are designed for quick sits. The Buoy is great, but I feel like I get distracted rocking on it like I’m on a boat during a rain storm. When I’m sitting on the Buoy I can’t stop spinning on it! I have flashbacks of sitting on my parents work chairs when they would bring me in and spin around and around entertaining myself. You may be wondering what the difference between the Pouf and Buoy are. Nothing too drastic except the Buoy sways, tilts, and weighs 20 pounds while the Pouf stays still and only weighs 7 pounds. The Campfire Pouf was a great addition to the 2018 launch products because it’s easy to pull over to someone’s desk for a temporary comfortable sit.

I’m excited to see what new and innovative products Steelcase releases in 2019!

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