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January 16, 2019



Happy 2019! As we roll into the middle of January and jump back into our work routines, have you been sticking to your new year goals? Are you too busy to think about it? If you plan accordingly jumping back into your routine and the new year can be easy. Below are some of the tips that I find help me get organized not just in the beginning of a new year, but every month.

1. Take 10-15 minutes to regroup and brainstorm

Add a meeting with yourself into your calendar and move into a quiet space. Don’t bring your phone, just a piece of paper and a pen. Sit back, close your eyes, and relax for a minute or two while letting your thoughts run wild. I go into a quiet room, dim the lights, and let my thoughts flow out onto the paper.

2. Make sure you have “me” time.

If your company has a fitness program UTILIZE IT. Plan a vacation. Leave the office and go for a walk. We sometimes forget that we have to make ourselves a priority and this leads to high stress and burn outs. When that happens, you’re not producing good work. Make time for yourself and you will thank you!

3. Tidy up you workspace

It can be overwhelming if you have stacks of paper and unnecessary garbage cluttering up your workspace. Take the time to file those papers or throw out anything invading your space that you don’t need. Take everything off your desk, Clorox it, and while putting your desk back together, get rid of the things you no longer need.

4. Set up a new planner

Nothing is more satisfying than breaking in a new planner. Having a specific color for different entries helps to keep everything organized. Mirroring your schedule in multiple places helps you to remember and are more likely to keep you on track. I copy my planner to Microsoft Office’s calendar which then links to my phone. Obsessive? Maybe but it works for me.

5. Don’t go into 2019 with a full email inbox

Starting off 2019 with a clear inbox can help you remember to respond to the unread emails you kept unread to remind yourself to respond but never did. It can also make you feel like you have a clean start to a new year and help you to stay on top of your game. When I talk to someone at their desk, I can’t help but notice how many unread emails they have up on their screen. It’s in the hundreds, even thousands! That’s enough to horrify me.

6. List your short and long-term goals.

Every December 31 we all mentally make goals for the new year. Workout more, be healthy, etc. Most of the time we don’t even make it to February without breaking at least one goal. Instead of mentally making goals write them down so they become real which can be scary but exciting. For 2019 expand goals past professional ones. Have short- and long-term goals for: finances, relationships, yourself, and your career.

7. Establish daily, weekly, and monthly work then write it down

If you create a check list then you can cross off everything you need to do that day, week, and month. How satisfying is it to be able to see a task marked off? We often forget to send that one email or show up to that meeting because we’re so focused on the task we’re working on at that moment. Maybe your job is routine, but we’re humans and we make mistakes on even the littlest of things. I make eggs for myself every morning and this morning I forgot. Human error, it happens.

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