Get to know our Pomerantz designers on a more personal level. These questions will give you more insight on our most creative employees.

Ashley Harris

Years on the scene: Six years in the design industry.

Design aesthetic: I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester and since then, I’ve become more and more inspired by Scandinavian design.

Favorite finish: Ash Wenge (mainly because of its name 😉)

City or burbs: I love living in the suburbs and working in the city. It’s a great balance!

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Coffee preference: Dunkin coffee – they know my order.

Current obsession: Essential oils

What are your skills or talents that most people don’t know about: I’ve been singing since I was five and I can say the alphabet backwards SUPER fast.

What inspires or motivates you in life? My faith. It’s what gives me direction when life circumstances seem so chaotic.

Favorite appetizer: Spinach and artichoke dip

Favorite TV Show: Boy Meets World

Tim Johnson

Years on the scene:  26

Design aesthetic: Slightly rustic

Design icon: Frank Lloyd Wright

Guilty pleasure: Fro-Yo

Friday night: Chickie’s & Pete’s

Cats or dogs: Dogs!

Couldn’t live without: Family and friends

What are your skills or talents that most people don’t know about: I am a published children’s book author.

What inspires or motivates you in life? My daughters

Tell me something we don’t know. The piano that Freddie Mercury played when Queen recorded Bohemian Rhapsody is the exact same piano Paul McCartney played eight years earlier, when the Beatles recorded “Hey Jude.”

Lauren Bluestein

Design icon: Frank Lloyd Wright. It may sound cliche but I love everything about his work. I’ve visited Fallingwater (among a few other of his buildings), and it’s absolutely stunning. My goal is to go back and visit in every season.

Tool of choice: Staedtler fineliner colored pens and Paper Mate Flair felt tip colored pens. A designer can never have too many colored pens!

Most visited website: I’d like to say it’s something to better myself, but I’m pretty confident it’s BuzzFeed.

Favorite color: Green

City or burbs: City!

Coffee preference: Everyday! 😊

Current obsession: “One Day at a Time” on Netflix. Can’t stop watching it, it’s such a great show!

Couldn’t live without: My ChapStick. I have one in every bag that I own.

What are your skills or talents that most people don’t know about: I have extremely neat handwriting. In third grade I won a contest for the neatest handwriting in our class! I also grew up dancing and love to bake!

Tell me something I don’t know.  It is physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky.

Kacie Jackson

If you could give yourself a fun and creative title what would it be? Business Casual Kacie

Design era: Art Deco

Tool of choice: A sharpened pencil with a good eraser

Most visited website: or

Favorite color: Red

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate covered strawberries

Friday night: Most likely sleeping

Cats or dogs: Cats

Couldn’t live without: A good ChapStick

What inspires or motivates you in life? My mom

Lauren Krause

Design aesthetic: My own personal design aesthetic is somewhere in between industrial and an eclectic/boho feel. I LOVE mixing different colors, textures, and materials together to create a space with its own personality.

Design era: I was always drawn towards Art Nouveau styled architecture in school because I felt it was very different from most popular styles during that time. I loved the ornate and organic details of the building interiors and exteriors that were also seen in the applied arts.

Favorite color: Golden yellow – it makes me think of morning sunshine and sunflowers. It’s the happiest color.

Signature accessory: My fitbit. I always try to make sure I’m getting enough movement in during the day. It also helps me keep track of my water intake and sleep too.

Guilty pleasure: Watching my favorite TV shows over and over and over again. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched  every season of “The Office.”

City or burbs: As much as I love spending time in the city, I prefer the suburbs. I would rather come home to a quieter and calmer space to relax.

Cats or dogs: Both! They’re each amazing in their own ways.

Favorite lunch spot: A small, quaint Mexican restaurant near home. They have the best margaritas and vegetarian options that never disappoint.

Current obsession: Playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch. I don’t have much free time outside of work, but when I do manage to find some time I love to sit down, play, and get lost in the game for a little while.

What inspires or motivates you in life? Seeing others succeed. I love watching my friends, family, and other people around me meet their goals and overcome obstacles. It absolutely motivates me to push myself harder.

Tom Smith

Design aesthetic: Modern

Design Icon: Frank Lloyd Wright

Most visited website: All Modern

Favorite Color: Lagoon

Describe your favorite color: The color of water around the Caribbean Island

Guilty Please: Going on a cruise

City or Burbs: City

Friday night: Playing billiards

Cats or dogs: Cats

What would be your personal motto? Never give up!

What inspires or motivates you in life: New challenges

Donna Leis

Years on the scene: Too many to mention 😉

Design aesthetic: Form follows function

Design icon: Frank Lloyd Wright

Tool of choice: Wine glass 😉

Website most visited: Google

Favorite color: Blush

Guilty pleasure: Bad Lifetime movies on a rainy day

Friday night: Bar food and a movie

Favorite lunch spot: Anywhere that has salads

Coffee preference: Yes, please and lots of it!

Adrianne O’Neal

Design aesthetic: Victorian

Design icon: Antoni Gaudi

Tool of choice: An exacto knife because it is the most useful hobbyist tool. It’s sharp and precise.

Favorite color: Red Bonus: Describe your favorite color: Red is the color of extremes including passion and adventure.

Favorite finish: Greenery

City or burbs: City

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Couldn’t live without: Potatoes

What are your skills or talents that most people don’t know about: Baking, drawing, and conversational in Spanish.

What would be your personal motto: Relax, everything happens for a reason.

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